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Hey! This is V.

I am an audiovisual producer, with also experience as assistant director. I have worked in many diverse productions around Spain, UK and Australia. I have been part of feature films, like 'Los Futbolísimos' (Netflix), commercials for clients such as Old Spice and Samsung among others, and music videos.

My work in documentary production has given me experience in researching and crafting a narrative, as well as dealing with archive material providers and tracking down contributors for interviewing.

I can easily adapt to the requirements of each unique production and I am always up for a challenge

When not on set, I am always looking for inspiration to create new projects in order to keep growing. I am confident in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and currently working on improving my After Effects skills. I also love typography and graphic design, as well as making hand crafted things every now and then.


Fun fact...

I am a die hard horror-movie fan!

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